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Hello everyone, I am Madhulika Upadhyay, welcome to my world. Before anything, I think it’s essential for you to know a little more about me. I am the daughter of an army man & as every child, I had a great time growing up as a daughter of an army man as we all are special to our parents. I identified my creativity and talent at a very young age when I was doing art and making crafts to decorate my school classroom and my own house. At the initial stage of my life & career, I put all of my vision into making a bright and successful career as we all give & after finishing my schooling I started studying pathology as a medical laboratory technician.

When I entered college for my bachelor’s at the same time fate stepped in and a divine intervention happened & I opened my first tattoo studio as the first woman tattoo artist in India. It was not an easy path in early-stage as the trend of tattoos was just initiated and as a woman tattoo artist I struggled but as we all know karma pays and I received a call from one of the famous television channels which were FOX TRAVEL CHANNEL & they invited me for one of their famous show “WHAT’S WITH INDIAN WOMEN” & for this show, they invited me with VJ Andy from CHANNEL V & Sanjay Rajora a stand-up artist. With that show, I was the only woman in India who was setting a standard benchmark in the tattoo industry in India. After a certain period of time, my fame reached Guinness World Records & Mr.Guinness Rishi who already had 29 world records at that time visited our studio & I made his tattoo. He finds my skills & talent engrossing and he gave me an opportunity to attempt a Guinness World Record along with him. It was a time when my career began as an established & a well-known artist, I was everywhere on Television, on Radio, in Newspapers and all were in a queue and waiting for my interview eagerly.

After a certain period of time almost a decade ago I started doing permanent make-up in India which was very new at that time. It was a great feeling when I got to know the responses of my clients with their permanent make-up which I had done. Just imagine that you wake-up with such beauty where you don’t have to fill your eyebrows or lips or you aren’t required to put make-up or foundation on your face because it is perfect because of our permanent make-up. 


As we all know that Madhulika Upadhyay is India’s first female tattoo artist of India & the best permanent make-up artist in India we have transformed the industry of skin flaws cover-up, microblading, and scalp micro-pigmentation & other treatments with the highest standard benchmark in India & worldwide. With the standard benchmark of the industry, Madhulika Upadhyay & her team is dedicated to providing high-quality luxury services to improve & maintain your skin, hair & nails through preventive care. Our utmost priority is to give you personalized high-quality care with improving & maintaining your face and skin beauty.

We are one of the best celebrity permanent make-up artists of India & with advanced practitioner Madhulika Upadhyay  we are reaching the triumph & we selected our team of internationally acclaimed world-class technicians dedicated to delivering the accurate & best in permanent make-up, microblading & skin treatments.

Madhulika Upadhaya & her team have transformed 10,000+ faces & bodies till now. With 18+ years of industry experience, we are well qualified to provide training for all levels of permanent make-up techniques at our training school for the beginners who are initiating their careers & the experienced professionals who are looking to enhance their skills for future growth.

The beauty of Permanent Makeup and skin treatment is that the treatment results are long-lasting and can be totally transformational. If you are making permanent changes to your appearance, it is essential that it is absolutely perfect and beautifully enhances your natural features. With the Permanent Makeup & skin treatment industry still largely unregulated and with more choice than ever before, it is important to remember that achieving perfect results requires an incredibly skilled and experienced practitioner using the most advanced equipment, in a safe and sterile environment.

Madhulika Upadhyay as the best permanent makeup artist of India is a global center of excellence, luxury and the leader of India’s permanent cosmetics and skin treatments. With a carefully selected team of highly skilled technicians, our own brand of products developed from 18+ years of industry experience, and an unrivaled outstanding reputation, we promise to deliver beautiful results to all of our clients. 

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