Following clothing, hair, and shoes, the next fashionable item is nail art.

Women have become more self-conscious about their appearance, which is reflected in the way they dress. A few years ago, ladies were content with having a manicure or pedicure at a beauty salon. They were delighted to have their fingers and toenails painted. The women now want more. They want something special done to their nails to make them stand out. With this Nail  art came into existence and has emerged as a creative profession.


Nail Art is a unique technique to design, paint, and beautify nails. It is a style of nail art that can be done on both your fingernails and your toes. They are typically performed following manicures or pedicures. Nail painting is also a method to express yourself through fashion, colors, and shapes. Different nail designs and nail art can be found on the latest catwalks of the best designers, Hollywood stars and celebrities will often showcase the hottest new nail trends on the red carpets, and of course, anyone can create nail art to match their mood, outfit, or artistic personality from the comfort of their own home. Schedule an appointment with India’s first female tattoo artist Madhulika Upadhyayy near you.

What are the benefits of getting Nail Art?

  • Nail Art gives ladies a fantastic opportunity to repair their nails. It can effectively reshape and model fantastic art on broken or distorted nail plates, and restore confidence for women suffering from nail problems.
  • Women can express themselves creatively through nail art, relieving stress and anxiety caused by personal challenges.
  • Multicolor nail art can raise your mood at any moment as you can choose from a wide range of color palettes for nail art. These colors can match your attire,  lifestyle, and even personality.


  • Nail painting also allows you to respect yourself through introspection and self-esteem restoration by providing you with a specific moment for tacit understanding. You can enjoy magnificent masterpieces with the decorativeness you choose and believe in by carefully caring for and polishing your nails.


  • Wearing an excellent nail art pattern can also enhance your ego.
  • Nail art can also boost your confidence. You may always lead the fashion trend, demonstrate your personality as a confident contemporary lady, and speak for yourself with beautiful nails.


  • Nail art can also give ladies a sense of affirmation and accomplishment. Nail design, like problem-solving, can inspire people to strive for perfection and complete


Nail art refers to the practice of sketching or painting various patterns on one’s nails. There are several ways to spice up your nails with unique nail art decor as follows-

  1. Painting with brush-This technique is similar to any other painting in that a variety of brushes can be used to achieve the best results. Synthetic bristle brushes are usually suggested. Using these brushes, you can create whatever template you like. However, it takes some effort and talent to achieve perfection in providing flawless strokes. There are several types of brushes, such as angled, flat, line, detail, dotting, and so on, that may be used to create various types of attractive patterns on nails.
  2. Sponge bobbing-This technique is used to create a gradient and achromatic nail patterns. Depending on the desired impact and design, any type of sponge can be used. Typically, the base coat is applied and allowed to dry before applying the nail paint with a sponge. You can position the sponge to create the design you want. Acetone is used to get rid of excess edges. The end outcome of utilizing the sponge will most likely be sprinkled and bespattered.
  3. Nail stamping-Nail stamping is a method that involves printing an image on the nails. It’s hidden beneath a stumpy layer of picture plate special nail paints. The pattern’s residue is scraped across rigorously, revealing only the nail polish. To cream the image and systemize the nails, a stamper in rolling oscillation is utilized.
  4. Taping-After applying a base color to the nails, the tape is sliced into little pieces and placed on the nails. The tiny tape pieces are put into the parts of the nails that will be left in their natural color. Then, on the united nail, apply the second layer of the color you want to use. Finally, gently remove the tape.
  5. Digital nail art- Nowadays, digital nail art is more popular. In beauty salons and therapists, the image is applied to the nails using a digital nail art machine. The operation is automated, and achieving the desired nail art style takes very little time. You can use the internet to choose any design you like, or you can have scanned images from digital cameras put on your nails. These machines are fairly pricey, but I believe they are worth the cost and convenience. Book your appointment with Madhulika Upadhyay
  6. Stencil Method-The Stencil technique is applied on a dried coat of nail polish and serves as the art’s background or main image. As with taping, the stencil is pressed firmly on the nails. The entire nail is decorated with several colors of nail polish. After drying, remove the stencil, leaving the pattern on top of your nail polish.
  7. Airbrush Technique-Airbrush machines are used to apply paint on nails. To get the desired look, these are mixed with stencils or stickers. After applying a base coat, the stencil is allowed to be placed on the nail, and the airbrush machine is used to paint the desired design. Later, the stencil is gently removed, and acetone is used to remove the paint if it has split in some cases.
  8. Nail art stickers and decals-Art stickers and decals are a unique way to tastefully beautify your nails. Because nail stickers and decals are so simple to apply, no effort is required. However, the stickers and decals must be correctly applied to the nails. There are numerous amazing sorts of stickers and decals available on the market. Before applying nail art stickers to make them more appealing, clean your nails to give them a healthy and tidy appearance. Other sorts of accessories, such as glitters, gems, and tattoos, are also employed to complement the desired look.
  9. Water marble nail art-Water marble nails are a nail art method that involves dropping nail veneers into clear water and creating a pattern on the water surface, which is subsequently transferred to the nails. This technique is highly popular these days because it can be used to create a variety of designs.
  10. Sharpie nail art -Sharpie nails have the appearance of watercolor paintings, and they are rather stunning. This sharpie technique can also be used to create smart and precise designs. Even if you don’t have a dappen dish, you can write irregularly on waxed paper or a plastic sandwich bag, which is still an option. However, make sure that the pattern you want is completely dried before applying the final top coat, because otherwise you’ll smudge everything here and there, wasting all of your work and labor.

What is the cost of nail art?

There is no set pricing for nail art, as there is for many other aesthetic procedures. The total cost of the treatment you will receive will vary based on a number of factors, including the complexity of your design, the number of products used by the manicurist, and the length of the session. Furthermore, factors such as the salon’s location and the manicurist’s experience will influence the ultimate cost.

Best Nail art studio near you!

Healthy nails are a sign of good grooming and hygiene. Of course, you can jazz up your nails with some funky nail art. At Madhulika Upadhyayy’s studio, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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