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Best Permanent Makeup Microblading in Delhi

Permanent eyeliner, microblading eyebrows, bigger lips, and permanent beauty spots have all been increasingly fashionable in recent years. Every day, ladies of all ages inquire about the various permanent makeup solutions is available with us. Madhulika Upadhyay provides the best permanent makeup microblading in Delhi, including lip lines, brows, and eyeliners.

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation, is a cosmetic process that employs the use of pigments to mimic the look of various makeup products. Lip color and eyebrow microblading are the most popular cosmetic alternatives. It’s used to create defined and prominent brows as well as lip color filling.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner application is likely the most common of several types of cosmetic improvements. These modifications might be applied to one or both eyelids, and they could be thickened or fined. Though the final decision is yours, we may be able to provide attractive eyeliner enhancement solutions.

Permanent Lip Coloring

Permanent lip coloring is all the rage among today’s women. Lip coloring is usually done to improve one’s look. Coloring is sometimes used as a medical technique. Lips, to us, are lovely elements of the face that cause us to smile and express our feelings. Lips should be placed in the middle of the face, with equal space on either side.

Permanent Eyebrow Microblading / Microshading

Eyebrows act as frames for your eyes and have a significant cosmetic quality. Eyebrow augmentation is one of the most frequent aesthetic procedures we perform. Congenital factors, illnesses, excessive plucking, alopecia, chemotherapy, or trauma can all cause thin brows. With permanent cosmetic eyebrows, we can solve each of these issues.


Madhulika Upadhyayy offers the best permanent makeup microblading in Delhi for your eyelash, lip, micro brows, and other features. The method for Permanent Eyeliner Treatment in Delhi is really relaxing. It takes around an hour to create the thin to the medium liner. Upper lash lines take longer than lower lash lines, and upper lids with thick liner or tails take even longer—allow an hour for the top. When booking an appointment for eyeliner or a permanent makeup solution, leave yourself a two-hour window to be safe.

Microblading involves scratching and depositing pigment into the desired area with tiny, small, sharp needles, resulting in permanent realistic-looking brow hairs. The thickness or thinness of these hairs, as well as their colour, may be altered to match your skin tone and needs.

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