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Get The Treatment For Vitiligo Service In India By Madhulika Upadhyayy


Our innovative and Treatment For Vitiligo has been the most effective in the city of Delhi, with proven outcomes. We’ve worked with patients who had vitiligo for years and are now living respectable life. Madhulika Upadhyayy, is the Treatment For White Patches on Skin specialist in Delhi and India for major and mild vitiligo, kid vitiligo, vitiligo on the hands, wrists, neck, back, lips, and other areas.


Vitiligo camouflage therapy is a semi-permanent makeup that stays on the skin for years without washing off. It is the most effective and safe vitiligo treatment available, with no side effects and no risk of vitiligo spreading. Thousands of people with vitiligo on the face, hands, and body have been treated by us. MicroArt is a life-changing operation. While there is no treatment for vitiligo, MicroArt is unlike any other form of cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation. MicroArt uses cutting-edge technology, custom-blend pigment colours, and a technique that ensures such natural results that no one will ever know you had vitiligo.


Our clients no longer have to be concerned about vitiligo. They never have to apply vitiligo concealer or makeup that doesn’t match, smudges on clothing make a mess, and wear off. Our customers never have to worry about what to wear to hide their vitiligo. They never have to give up activities they enjoy because they are embarrassed. Once their vitiligo is no longer visible, our clients feel much better and have more confidence.


Our clients find that having vitiligo on their hands is really upsetting because make-up does not hold on effectively and light therapies do not perform well on hands. The outcomes of treating vitiligo on the hands are life-changing. Because hands are naturally sensitive and have more nerve endings in the skin, we need to use Lidocaine (numbing) cream to prevent any pain or discomfort. Lidocaine injections (at a small additional expense) must be scheduled ahead of time.

Vitiligo for Hands


The face is the second most popular region for vitiligo treatment. Even while it can be concealed with cosmetics, it takes a long time to apply. It rarely matches well because it covers the full face and throat. Then there’s the constant worry that it’ll wear off or sweat off over the day, necessitating reapplications, as well as the fear that it’ll smudge on your clothes or your friends’ toilet towels. It’s even more difficult for male clients because they rarely use makeup.

Vitiligo For Your Face


Except for the genitals, MicroArt can be used everywhere on the body. Wrists, underarms, elbows, shins, knees, and feet are common places we treat. Many of our new clients have never worn shorts to cover their knees, short-sleeve shirts to cover their elbows, or sandals to cover their feet. Enjoy the freedom to wear anything you want, whenever and wherever you want.


Imagine walking out of a soaking wet ocean or pool, crossing the finish line after a summer 10K run, stepping off a heated tennis court straight after a sweaty match, or enjoying a romantic afternoon with no obvious signs of vitiligo.
The liberty. The assurance. With Madhulika you may obtain peace of mind.


Prices are determined by the length of the treatment procedure. Our work is tailored to each client’s needs based on their skin type, region, and color preferences. Each client begins with at least four monthly treatments.

We’ll need images to figure out how many hours of therapy you’ll need. Please take pictures of each spot. Photos should be well-lit, in focus, and free of makeup. Within one business day, you will receive your estimate.


What happens during each Vitiligo Treatment?

Colors are carefully matched to fit your skin tone in each location. Pigments come from natural minerals and are non-toxic. None of our products have ever caused an allergic response. A single acupuncture needle (the diameter of a human hair) softly vibrates on the outer layers of the skin to deposit pigment into the white parts of the skin using proprietary technology. The vibrations deposit pigment into the skin until it reaches the desired color. At the start of each session, your MicroArt specialist assesses your skin and creates a bespoke color blend to best match your natural skin tone. The bespoke pigment blends used in your treatment are properly tracked and photographed for future sessions and reference.

How many sessions do I need?

Multiple sessions are required to achieve a flawless colour match. A pigment is mixed into the skin in stages during each session. For our new clients, four sessions spaced four weeks apart are required at first. Because some of the pigment exfoliates after each session, a series of treatments is required to fully integrate the colour into the skin and achieve a seamless match. It takes around 4 weeks for the colour to settle and solidify after each treatment. More pigment is applied to the skin in small layers during each session, adjusting the colour and adapting it to your natural skin tone. Each session will yield immediate effects. You’ll return every four weeks for more pigmentation until you’ve achieved your desired results.

After each session, what can I expect?

The findings will be visible straight away! The pigment will appear intense after each session and will lighten up before your next session when we apply more pigment. The colour fades less with each session until the colour is matched and blended. After each procedure, your skin will be slightly red and inflamed for 3 to 10 days. As if it were a sunburn. Other than the bespoke hypoallergic after-care items we supply you to apply twice a day, no makeup or skincare products can be used on this area for 7 days (included in the treatment price). You can resume using your regular items after 7 days.

How long is it going to last?

If not maintained, MicroArt can survive up to three years on the skin, though this varies by individual. It will gradually vanish during that period. Most clients want to maintain their results by returning every six months to once a year or two, depending on their skin type. Your vitiligo will never be visible again with maintenance sessions.

Will it be painful?

Depending on the part of the body being concealed, the level of discomfort differs from person to person. A powerful topical numbing cream is always used. MicroArt uses a single acupuncture needle (the width of a human hair) that vibrates gently on the skin’s outer layers, causing minimal discomfort.

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