Camouflage Treatment In Vitiligo!

Camouflage Treatment In Vitiligo!

Camouflage comes from the French word “Camoufler,” which means “to the blind” or “to veil.” It means to disguise an object in plain sight in order to conceal it from something or someone. It is also known as defensive concealment.

A safe technique called vitiligo camouflage fills up vitiligo areas with pigments that blend in with the surrounding skin.

Every customer receives a bespoke color application on the day of their consultation. The healing process begins once skin pigments are used to cover up the vitiligo (around 3 weeks). The vitiligo area looks the same color as the surrounding skin after healing. Usually, three sessions are required for this treatment, however, the number of sessions can vary depending on how severe the illness is. Vitiligo Camouflage Permanent Makeup is an exceptionally efficient vitiligo treatment. The effects are immediate and last up to three years without washing off.

Types of Camouflage

Remedial cosmetic cover creams can help disguise vitiligo blemishes, at least temporarily. A high concentration of pigment is mixed with water-free or anhydrous foundations to provide a color that matches the patient’s skin, disguising vitiligo patches.

Permanent camouflage is micropigment with a cosmetic micro pigmentation. As opposed to ritual or symbolic micro pigmentation inks, cosmetic micro pigmentation are inert iron oxides available in over 15 hues. The pigment is implanted into the dermis layer using specific procedures and is not washable.

Camouflage improves an individual’s look because the focus is no longer on the discoloration that the person seeks to conceal, resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. Camouflage is thus the most preferred treatment option for vitiligo.

Is vitiligo camouflage harmful?

During the procedure, there is ZERO to MINIMAL pain.
Following the treatment, you can immediately resume your normal routine if you follow the aftercare recommendations provided at your consultation.

What Should Be Avoided In Prior Vitiligo Camouflage?

Take aspirin or ibuprofen 24 to 48 hours before your appointment.
Alcohol, caffeine, and blood thinners should be avoided 24 hours before your appointment.
One week before your appointment, take fish oil or vitamin E. (they are natural blood thinners).

What Should Be Avoided After Vitiligo Camouflage?

For the next two to three days, avoid wearing anything too tight.
To avoid infection or discoloration, avoid scratching or peeling.
For 7 days, avoid heavy perspiration. After the first two days of treatment, moderate exercise is permitted.
For the next 7 days, avoid exposing the area to full shower pressure.

Do I Get To Suntan After The Procedure?

Yes! You can sunbathe if the wound has healed completely (around 30 days). It is STRONGLY advised to prevent sun exposure throughout the healing process because discoloration may occur.

How Long Will The Process Take?

The duration of the therapy is determined by the size of the region to be treated.
On average, a small area takes around 1 hour and a big area up to 4 hours.

How Soon Will I See The Result Of The Procedure?

Between 21 and 90 days following your initial therapy. You should have a clear visual representation of your final output.
Following the procedure, you may suffer moderate discomfort, redness, and swelling that can persist for up to a week.

The treated region will get slightly darker during the third week. DO NOT FEAR! It is therapeutic.
When discomfort subsides, you will begin to observe the effects of your treatment.
We recommend scheduling a follow-up consultation 45 days following your treatment because we may need to make some small touch-ups.

How Long Does The Outcome Last?

If the proper aftercare procedure is followed, the Camouflage treatment produces lasting results.

Can I Receive The Treatment If My Skin Is Tanned?

No, we recommend that you get the procedure done when your skin is at its natural hue (not tanned).
This ensures that we can combine the pigment to match your natural hue.

For a proper diagnosis and complete vitiligo camouflage, Visit Madhulika Upadhyay Studio and you can easily book your appointment online.

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